SMP_3234_WMmy friend AJ came over to the studio to do some fashion type work. we shot for about four hours that day all around the building. the light was great that day and i really like the work in this shot. she brought a few different outfits but when we started i didn’t let her change clothes.


relaxing_in_the_can_wmthis is my son, Connor, enjoying a hot summer day in my brand new trash can. i exposed the photo to show off the water specifically so that it looked obvious and interesting. that and i focused on his eyes, which seems a wasted effort since they are closed behind the goggles. oh well, this is still one of my favorite photos of him.

Del Taco and j

del_taco_1_wmthis is my friend Junai in the back of a now closed taco place near St. Louis University. it instead now houses a Starbucks. which means not only can i no longer get a burrito the size of my forearm with a side of salt adorned with crinkle cut fries, but instead now have to replace it with a watery, burnt mocha latte. this makes me sad.


PortraitZonah Bellum is a lot of fun to shoot with. there are these great blue benches at the Koken Art Factory and i can’t help but love the textures on them. this is one of my favorite poses from the shoot.