The Big Red Wheel

big red wheel_wm1this huge red wheel is on a refrigerator pump in my favorite urban exploration location. the Armour meat packing plant in National City Illinois is a location much admired and visited by urban explorers who come to the Midwest United States. it is a beautiful area, haunting and peaceful at the same time.


a few years ago we experienced heavy fog for about a week. i kept thinking i’d wanted to go out into it and take some photographs but never found the time. that is until the last day of the fog, when i found myself with time to spare and a camera in hand. i went down the street to one of my local cemeteries and shot a bunch of photos there in about twenty minutes. i captured three or four of my favorite shots and this is probably my absolute favorite of the day.

Pressure Gauge1

pressure_gauge_1i’m in love with textures, i can’t help it. this gauge was one of a very few interesting pieces in a huge building down at 11th avenue and Howard, just north of downtown St. Louis. unfortunately the building was demolished before i could get a model in there with me to shoot photographs of. it took me two years of waiting patiently and driving past the location once a week before someone had torn plywood off of one of the larger loading dock doors. that’s when i saw my chance and made a run of it. the natural light that streamed throughout the place, from the skylights and holes in the roof, was absolutely breathtaking.

Tree Reaching For Moon

dsc_0168i get a sense of hope and life from this particular shot.

The Hall of the Mountain King

hall_of_kingsi have a lot of pieces from this location. i really love the different textures all over the space as well as all the shapes and lines in a space that big. i think i’ll go back sometime soon and shoot some more photos there.


fish_1this was taken in 2009 in an Asian supermarket called Seafood City. you can probably see why they took that monniker. i personally appreciate the textures and coloring in this photo as well as the look to their eyes.


solitudeit had been foggy for quite some time that week. so I ran out to the cemetery and grabbed a few shots. this tree and its companion headstone i found eerily comforting, especially among the morning fog.

Converging Lines

lines_20x30this is outside of the Cotton Belt Route railroad depot just north of downtown St. Louis City. it is about a quarter of a mile north of Lumiere Place, the newest casino attraction to the St. Louis downtown riverfront. this is a view south along the building. there is a parking lot above and to the right as well as the new rail lines that are in use for MetroLink and other companies, I’m sure.

the colors were all there in the original photograph. i didn’t add or take away any particular colors, although I did increase the saturation a bit.